I like to keep myself anonymous with my alias – Mr. B.

Founded APKxiOS on March, 2017 to cover topics on android and iOS.


I was brainstorming about what the name should be of this blog, thought a lot, searched dictionary for cool random words and ended up the word Popo – which is a slang for Police.

It triggered my mind and makes it sort of interesting and fun so that’s how I got the name “APKxiOS” which can be also called as “Apps Police”.

In this blog I would be covering as many applications possible to help you download them for free.

The site is still new and so I would keep on updating this about page as time pass by.

I want to take APKxiOS to a massive level. Wish me best of luck 😉

Thanks for taking your time to read this quick little about page.

~ Mr. B.


Note to Developers: APKxiOS serves solely as a free resource website. If you are the owner of any app/context and believe we've violated any of your policy, feel free to contact us we will remove it as soon as possible.